Fuel System Cleaner

Very Special Fuel Additives

Fuel Efficiency & Power

It removes carbon and sludge attached to the engine. It as well decomposes impurities in the fuel to make the fuel premium-class.


Accumulated carbon on the fuel injector nozzle can cause incomplete fuel combustion. It may cause engine performance deterioration and poor fuel efficiency. The PROSHOT contains an abundant highly-concentrated dispersant with high thermal stability. It also has an excellent performance in cleaning the fuel injector valve. It improves fuel efficiency by 3~7%.

Engine Power Increase

It increases the explosive power of fuel by cleaning the fuel injectors. Experience its power on the uphill road.

Cleaning inside the engine

It keeps the engine clean by removing carbon and sludge produced by incomplete combustion.

Octane/Cetane Increase

Octane/cetane is increased to induce complete combustion of the fuel, thereby improving the power.

Fuel Efficiency Increase

The complete combustion of fuel due to injector cleaning and increased octane/cetane has the effect of improving engine power as well as increasing fuel efficiency.

Moisture removal

It protects the engine by removing moisture from the fuel tank to prevent it from entering the engine.

Vibration & Noise Reduction

Cleaning the dirty injectors eliminates incomplete combustion, reducing engine vibration and noise.

No Smoke

It reduces fumes from incomplete combustion.

Effect Lasting up to 5,000km

It will be optimized at 3,000 km and the effect lasts up to 5,000 km. (For Motorcycle : 2,000km)

Product Information

PROSHOT Fuel System Cleaner


4-WHEEL : 500ml

Max Addition Ratio

5ml / 1L FUEL

Applicable Engine

Gasoline : RED
Diesel : YELLOW


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Fuel System Cleaner

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4-Wheel / Gasoline / 500ml

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4-Wheel / Diesel / 500ml

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& Answer

A few things clients normally ask us about the PROSHOT Fuel System Cleaner.

Why is the injector clogged and must it be cleaned?
  • Injector clogging caused by fuel self-deposition is common.
  • Normal emissions are invisible and transparent.
  • If there is a dark emission, you should suspect the condition of the engine.
  • One of the biggest reasons for this is incomplete combustion due to faulty injectors such as clogging.
  • Do you see any noticeable smoke coming out of the car's exhaust? Clean the injector with the PROSHOT Fuel System Cleaner.
Why should I use PROSHOT instead of other products?
  • The PROSHOT is a fuel system cleaner with excellent performance.
  • Unlike other fuel system cleaners, the PROSHOT has the ability to remove moisture from the inside of the fuel tank.
  • The PROSHOT contains the octane booster (gasoline) and the cetane booster (diesel) that increase fuel performance.
Oh! Moisture in my car's fuel tank?
  • Moisture may be caused by temperature differences between inside and outside the fuel tank.
  • Moisture can occur in the fuel line even in summer weather with high humidity and heavy rains.
  • Moisture from inside the gas station tank may also be introduced.
Then why is the moisture inside the fuel tank a problem?
  • When moisture inside the fuel tank flows into the engine, it may cause engine shaking and incomplete combustion. Diesel engines can cause engine outages.
  • Moisture in the fuel causes rust in the fuel system and leads to serious conditions requiring the injector to be replaced.
  • The PROSHOT continuously decomposes moisture to support the complete combustion of fuel, which helps improve engine performance.
  • The PROSHOT not only removes moisture in the fuel but also prevents rust by forming an anti-corrosive film on the metal surface.
Why is the PROSHOT eco-friendly?
  • As mentioned above, dark emission means that substances harmful to the human body, such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen compounds, are discharged above the standard level.
  • The PROSHOT eliminates injector clogging, which is a major cause of incomplete combustion, reducing human hazardous emissions by 19.7%.
Can I use large-capacity (500ml) the PROSHOT for the motorcycles?
  • Of course, there is no problem with using it. Rather, it is positive in terms of cost reduction.
  • Be sure to use Gasoline PROSHOT (Red Box). Never for Diesel (Yellow Box).

How to Use

Open fuel filler.

Take the PROSHOT you bought in advance and go to the gas station.

Put PROSHOT into fuel filler.

Shake the PROSHOT well and put it into fuel filler. (5ml / 1L FUEL)

Fill up with fuel.

Fuel needs to be filled to maximize product effectiveness.

Close fuel filler.

Securely close the fuel filler.

Start engine.

Feel the changes in your vehicle as you drive.