PVDF Water Purifier

PVDF Water Purifier

Ultra Filtration

WHP-3000 / 1000 / 300

High-Precision Filtration - 0.01 μm
Effectively filter and intercept impurities in water ensure water safety.


Our water purifiers don't just make water clean, they remove all the harmful substances in the water and turn it into water that's completely harmless to the human body.

High-Precision Filtration

A water purifier with 0.01 μm filtration capability filters out even microscopic things such as viruses.

Easy to Disassemble

No tools are required, the membrane filter can be removed for cleaning by unscrewing the handle with one hand.


The membrane filter can be washable and repeatedly used, longer life, and is much more durable than the old type model.

No Electricity needed

It is a water purifier that does not require electric power.

Large Flow

It provides enough flow for the entire family to use at the same time.

304 Stainless Steel

304 food-grade stainless steel is used for safety.

Product Information

WHP-3000 / WHP-1000 / WHP-300

Water Purifying System

Ultra Filtration System (0.01 µm)


WHP-3000 : For Large House
WHP-1000 : For Small House (or Restaurant)
WHP-300 : For Pre Water Purifying

Product Size (mm)

WHP-3000 : 208(D)x398(H)
WHP-1000 : 142(D)x338(H)
WHP-300 : 75(D)x340(H)

Max Flow

WHP-3000 : 3,000 liter/hour
WHP-1000 : 1,000 liter/hour
WHP-300 : 300 liter/hour

Thread Size

WHP-3000 : 1 inch
WHP-1000 : 1/2 inch
WHP-300 : 1/4 inch

Required Water Pressure

14.5 ~ 43.5 psi


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& Answer

A few things clients normally ask us about the Whole House Water Purifier.

Why is the tap water dirty?
  • Water supplied from outside the house to the inside is the root cause.
  • Soil and rust accumulated in the pressure tank for a long time.
  • Rust and scale piled up inside old steel water pipes.
What if the filter gets clogged and the water pressure drops?
  • We provide instructions on how to prevent the filter from clogging when installing our product.
  • However, if the filter gets clogged and the water pressure decreases, please contact us for assistance with filter cleaning. The service fee is 1,000 pesos.
Can I drink the water that passed through the pvdf water purifier?
  • The purpose of this water purifier is to enhance the quality of water supplied to homes and restaurants, bringing it up to the hygiene standards of advanced countries.
  • The primary reason for using a drinking water purifier is to eliminate any remaining organic compounds and odors.
  • It is recommended that you install a separate water purifier for drinking.
I'm using a drinking water purifier. Why does the drinking water smell?
  • The most important reason is that tap water quality supplied to each household is unsuitable for use with international standard drinking water purifiers.
  • For this reason, the filter cannot cover the amount of various impurities, so it cannot be expected to function properly.
  • If you want to use the drinking water purifier safely you are currently using, installing our PVDF water purifier is recommended to clean the water before the step using it.
  • However, if you want to solve the problem without our product, you must replace the filter frequently. For example, in the case of sediment filters, you should change them every week instead of every three months.
Is there a warranty period for the product?
  • The warranty period of the filter is two years.
  • However, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the customer removing or cleaning the filter.