Engine Coating Treatment


Engine Coating Treatment

Coating is Essential!

Oil Life
3x Extension

The ultra-fine ion film on the metal surfaces inside the engine reduces friction, prevents oil oxidation at high temperatures, and extends oil life. It is the only product that has been patented (No. 10-2090391) in Korea.


Engine oil alone has limitations in preventing wear caused by high-temperature and strong, high-pressure friction. The PROTECH prevents engine wear 15 to 30 times by adding a polar pressure coating agent.

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Engine Life Extension

The lubricity against immediate impact (extreme pressure) inside the engine increases 5~10 times to protect the engine.

Friction and Wear Reduction

It forms a strong coating film on the part where friction occurs inside the engine to prevent further wear.

Engine Power Increase

It increases the power of the engine by minimizing the overload, noise, smoke, and vibration caused by friction.

Fuel Efficiency Increase

It is economical as the engine power strengthens, the fuel efficiency increases by more than 5%, and the oil change period doubles or more.

Lower Temperature

It maintains low temperatures even in harsh engine environments due to reduced friction inside the engine.

Vibration & Noise Reduction

High lubrication of engine oil reduces engine vibration and noise.

Always, Like New!

New cars can be kept in new engine conditions until scrapped and maintain used vehicles in the best condition by improving the engine.

Patented Product

Some products use P.T.F.E. solid substances to cause side effects. However, the PROTECH is manufactured based on synthetic hydrocarbons and pure minerals. Hence, there are no side effects ever, incomparable to existing coatings!

Product Information

PROTECH Engine Coating Treatment


MOTORCYCLE : 75ml / 100ml
4-WHEEL : 500ml

Addition Ratio

8-13% of engine oil capacity

Applicable Engine

Gasoline / Diesel / LPG


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Engine Coating Treatment

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& Answer

A few things clients normally ask us about the PROTECH Engine Coating Treatment.

Is it ok to use for new vehicle?
  • The PROTECH, engine coating treatment, is more effective when used from a new car.
  • The PROTECH can maintain the engine condition of a new car for a longer period of time.
It's been a while since I changed the oil. When is the best time for use?
  • The PROTECH can be used regardless of the time of changing oil, but it is more effective if you use it when changing.
  • In the case of vehicles traveling within 1,000 km after changing the engine oil, only add it.
  • However, if it is driven longer than that, use the PROTECH when changing the oil.
Does it have any side-effect?
  • The PROTECH does not contain any solid substances that may cause adverse effects on the engine.
  • Particularly P.T.F.E (Teflon) - based material blocks the filter and prevents the smooth flow of oil.
  • The PROTECH made ionic bonding between metals possible using a new material blending technique.
  • The PROTECH, which became a part of the metal, does not change the thickness of the metal and does not damage the engine.
Why is the price relatively low compared to other products?
  • PROTECH is already a well-established product among heavy equipment and huge truck users in Korea.
  • It is not only because of the quality of the product but also because of the reasonable price.
  • We maintain reasonable prices by reducing unnecessary advertising costs.
For motorcycles with an engine oil capacity of 0.8-1.2L, can I use a capacity of 100ml instead of 75ml?
  • Yes, you can.
  • PROTECH recommended addition ratio is 6-13%.
  • 75 ml is the minimum recommended rate of 6% applied to the 1.2L engine. (1,200ml * 0.06 = 72ml)
  • This means that a minimum of 75 ml PROTECH is sufficient for the 1.2 liter engine.
  • However, applying the maximum recommended ratio to the 0.8 liter engine results in 104ml.
  • Therefore, you can use 100ml products for 0.8L engines as well, rather you can get better results.
Can I use large-capacity (500ml) PROTECH for the motorcycles?
  • Of course, there is no problem with using it. Rather, it is positive in terms of cost reduction.
  • Put 8 ~ 13% of Engine Oil Capacity.

How to Use

Unplug drain bolt and drain old oil.

Start the work after idling for 2-3 minutes for smooth oil discharge.

Find and remove oil filter.

After removing the oil filter, remove the remaining oil by blowing air.

Plug drain bolt and filter on.

Refit the oil filter and securely tighten the drain bolts.

Put PROTECH into the engine oil filler.

Add 5 to 13% of the engine oil capacity in the manual.

Fill up with new engine oil.

Fill the engine oil while checking the dipstick.

Start engine.

Close the engine oil filler and start the engine. Feel your engine that's completely changed.