Auto-Transmission Treatment

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Transmission Protection

PROTECH ATF is a product with excellent sealing protection by mitigating shift shocks and shift slip and strengthening lubrication.


Using PROTECH ATF, customers can expect:

Mitigation of Shift Shock and Slip
  • The minor impact caused by engine torque fluctuations during the shift is normal.
  • However, if there is a problem with the transmission, a severe shock may occur when shifting to D or R.
  • In some cases, only the engine speed rises and the movement is delayed, and then moves with a severe impact.
  • A severe impact may occur during a shift or when the vehicle is stopped while driving.
Prevents Friction & Wear
  • The metal powder produced by the friction of the transmission wears off the inside of the transmission.
  • So the mission oil filter pan has a magnet that holds the metal powder.
  • The PROTECH ATF fundamentally prevents friction within the transmission.
Excellence of Oxidative Stability
  • The lower the viscosity and the higher the temperature of the oil, the more oxidation occurs.
  • When oil is oxidized, oil foaming occurs.
  • PROTECH ATF eliminates friction to prevent high-temperature of auto-transmission and acidification of oil.
Prevents Oil Foaming
  • When foaming occurs in the mission oil, the discharge capacity of the oil pump decreases.
  • A decrease in discharge capacity causes a decrease in hydraulic pressure and causes to wear.
  • PROTECH ATF prevents the generation of oil bubbles by inhibiting high-temperature and acidification of oil.
Fast O-Ring Restoration
  • PROTECH ATF quickly restores the hardened O-ring.
Prevents Oil Leak
  • There are various causes of transmission fluid leakage, but most occur in the O-ring and retainer of the oil filter housing.
  • The PROTECH ATF maintains the best condition of the rubber products inside the transmission as well as the O-ring.
  • This prevents leakage of transmission fluid.
Strengthen Transmission Lubrication
  • Optimize lubrication, the basic function of transmission oil.
Excellence of Sealing Protection
  • Protects the basic sealing components of the sealing, such as the oil pan gasket and the O-ring, to maximize the sealing of the transmission.

Product Information

PROTECH Auto-Transmission Treatment



Addition Ratio

5% of auto-transmission oil capacity

Applicable Vehicle

All Auto-Transmission Vehicles

Test Report

Items Method Result
External Appearance Sensory Test Transparent
Color (ASTM) KSM-2106 L 0.5
Specific Gravity (15/4℃) KSM-2002 0.8510
Kinematic Viscosity (40℃/cSt) KSM-2014 36.30
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃/cSt) KSM-2014 8.150
Viscosity Index KSM-2014 208
Flash Point (℃/COC) KSM-2010 220
Pour Point (℃) KSM-2016 Below -40.0

ATF Treatment

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4-Wheel / 300ml

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& Answer

What are the causes of Problems with Auto-Transmission System?

Heat and Contamination
More than 90% of auto transmission failures are caused by heat and contamination.
Sludge and Varnish
Transmission oil also deteriorates over time and is contaminated by heat, pressure, friction, etc., and residues such as sludge and varnish accumulate.
The Difference in Friction Performance
For smooth shifting, the friction performance of the ATF must match the clutch of the transmission, but this is often not the case.
Friction-Reducing Agent Dissipation
Generally, the component of the friction-reducing agent among the additives of ATF disappears first, and it affects the temperature of the transmission oil and shift performance, resulting in shift shock and shift slip.
The Difference of Friction Value
Particularly ECU vehicles are designed to require a limited amount of friction in the clutch to prevent vibration. If this friction value does not match, a shaking phenomenon occurs.

Other questions

What is the biggest reason to use PROTECH ATF?
  • As described above, when the temperature inside the transmission increases due to friction, the oil is oxidized and oil foaming occurs.
  • PROTECH ATF reduces mechanical friction inside the transmission to almost zero.
When do I use PROTECH ATF?
  • The oil change cycle of the automatic transmission is 40,000 to 50,000 km.
  • If the oil change period remains long, add PROTECH ATF to the transmission oil dipstick hole.
  • If the transmission fluid change time has arrived or is exceeded, add it while changing the fluid.
  • At this time, we recommend changing the oil pan and filter together.
Is there any other use of PROTECH ATF?
  • Adding PROTECH ATF to power steering oil helps improve performance.

How to Use

300ml / 5 ~ 10 L Auto-Transmission Fluid
For large vehicles, 5% of this product is recommended for Auto-Transmission Fluid

Visit and talk to a technician.

Please find a nearby car maintenance shop for professional injection. Refer to Automatic-transmission fluid Injection Manual by Vehicle.

Do It Yourself!

1. Add the PROTECH ATF through the transmission fluid dipstick hole carefully.
2. Avoid Overfilling.