Powerful Engine Flush

Clean the engine like scaling!

Like New!!!

It is an excellent product for reducing engine noise and smoke. It easily cleans the engine to keep it in its best condition.


CLEANTECH keeps the oil circulation passage inside the engine clean to improve engine lifespan and power and reduce engine noise and smoke. It is a common product for all Gasoline, Diesel, and LPG models.

Removes Accumulated Dirt

It maintains the engine condition like a new car by removing the accumulated dirt from the engine.

Cleans Oil Circulation Path

It helps the oil circulation by keeping the oil circulation path clean.

Removes Sediments

The power improves, and the noise reduces by removing various sediments from the engine.

Smoke Reduction

It reduces smoke by increasing engine fuel efficiency.

Product Information

CLEANTECH Engine Flushing Fluid


4-WHEEL : 500ml

Usage Ratio

10% of engine oil capacity

Applicable Vehicle

Gasoline / Diesel / LPG

Powerful Engine Flushing Fluid

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Motorcycle / 100ml

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4-Wheel / 500ml

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& Answer

A few things clients normally ask us about CLEANTECH Engine Flushing Fluid.

What is carbon sludge?
  • Inside the engine, oil becomes carbon sludge by high-temperature, high-pressure combustion gases.
  • Carbon sludge is non-adhesive and is largely filtered by oil strainers and oil filters.
  • However, about 20% of the carbon sludge sticks to the aluminum surface inside the engine to form a mass of sludge.
  • This sludge mass is not removed by a simple engine oil change.
How do I remove this sludge mass?
  • The most reliable method is to break down the engine and remove visible sludge mass by mechanical or chemical means.
  • However, this method is difficult in terms of cost and time.
  • If you use CLEANTECH every engine oil change cycle, there is no reason to clean the engine at a high cost.
Can I use large-capacity CLEANTECH for the motorcycles?
  • Of course, there is no problem with using it. Rather, it is positive in terms of cost reduction.
  • Put 100ml per 0.8 ~ 1.6L Engine Oil Capacity.

How to Use

Open the engine oil filler and add CLEANTECH.

100ml: 0.8 ~ 1.6L engine oil capacity MC.
500ml: 4 ~ 8L engine oil capacity CAR.

Close the engine oil filler.

Securely close the engine oil filler.

Start the engine and let it idle.

Allow the engine to idle for at least 10 minutes.

Stop the engine, unplug drain bolt and drain old oil.

After 10 minutes, turn off the engine and drain the engine oil.

Find and remove oil filter.

After removing the oil filter, remove the remaining oil by blowing air.

Plug drain bolt and filter on.

Refit the oil filter and securely tighten the drain bolts.

Put PROTECH into the engine oil filler.

This step is optional. However, it's recommended for protection of Engine.

Fill up with new engine oil.

Fill the engine oil while checking the dipstick.

Start engine.

Close the engine oil filler and start the engine. Feel your engine that's completely changed.