Water Purifier Filter

Water Purifier Filter


10 Inch Filter

The Waterpia filter cleans up fine heavy metals, and bacteria, and makes healthy and fresh water with living minerals.


Interlock Filter

Wonbong’s patented ‘particle remover filter device’ keeps the inside of the flow path clean and improves the lifespan of the major components.


8 Inch Filter

This filter is used in most sink-top/under-sink water purifiers.


The highest quality filter ensures the best water quality as drinking water.

Made in KOREA

All filters are manufactured in Korea.

Advanced Technology

The technology to organize and pack the material of the filter is the best.

Highest Quality

All filters are manufactured using only the highest quality materials that are globally certified.

Compact Size

Considering the size of the water purifier and the amount of water purification, the most appropriate size, 10-inch / 8-inch filter, has been standardized.

Product Information

8-inch / 10-inch / Interlock

Water Purifying System

Stage 1 : Sediment
Stage 2 : Pre-Carbon
Stage 3 : Nanocare/Nanofact
Stage 4 : Post-Carbon


Waterpia Inc. (Korea)

Activated Carbon : Kuraray (Japan)
Nano Filter : KX-TECH (US)

Product Size (mm)

8-inch : 64(D)x240(H)
10-inch : 64(D)x255(H)
11-inch : 64(D)x280(H)
Interlock : 66(D)x180(H)

Stage 1 : Sediment

Sediment Filter removes deposits such as dust and sand from supplied water. It is made of the most expensive micro material and is of the highest quality. The polypropylene material used is NSF certified, making it a more reliable product.

Stage 2 : Pre-Carbon

The pre-carbon filter adsorbs and removes organic compounds and odors to create water that is close to nature. The block-type pre-carbon filter is an expensive product made using NSF-certified Kuraray's highest-quality activated carbon.

Stage 3 : NANOCARE

The NANOFACT/NANOCARE filter uses advanced nanomaterials developed by KX-TECH in the United States to retain minerals but completely removes 99.99% of norovirus as well as general bacteria, heavy metals, and microorganisms.

Stage 4 : Post-Carbon Filter

The post-carbon filter made of coconut-activated carbon in the form of blocks removes organic compounds such as residual chlorine, pesticide components, and carcinogens in water and adsorbs unpleasant odors to create water close to nature.

Stage 1~2 : Micro Carbon

The micro-carbon filter that integrates stages 1 and 2 removes deposits such as dust and sand from supplied water, absorbs harmful organic chemicals that cause odors such as chlorine and pesticides, and extends the filter life of the next stage.

Stage 5 : Alkaline

The alkaline filter is an expensive product made using NSF-certified Kuraray's activated carbon and Biocera's ceramic ball. Alkaline water passed through a filter helps to eliminate active oxygen in the body.


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& Answer

A few things clients normally ask us about water purifier filter.

Do I have to replace accessories like L fitting, tubing hose, faucet, etc?
  • Accessories such as fittings, tubing hoses, and faucets are consumables.
  • If used for a long time, it is recommended to replace it every one to two years because there is a risk of water stains and leakage inside.
I want to buy a filter in advance, can I keep it for a long time?
  • Long-term storage is possible if water is not passed through the filter.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place that is not humid.
What does the date on the filter mean?
  • The date written on the filter is its date of manufacturing.
Do I have to flush the filter individually when I change it?
  • Flushing is the process of removing air and various components (carbon, film preservation liquid) from the inside using water.
  • For effective flushing, each filter must be carried out.
Why is there black water and powder?
  • The 1st, 3rd and alkaline filters are made of activated carbon material, so activated carbon dust may come out during initial installation or replacement.
  • Flushing is performed until no black water or black powder is produced.
  • It is more effective if you use a tool such as a spoon to lightly tap the filter and flush it.
  • Drinking water mixed with black powder is harmless to the human body.
Why does the water bubble and turn blurry after changing the filter?
  • The first time you install the filter, the remaining air inside the filter comes out with water.
  • In addition, the carbon dust in the filter can come into contact with water and form white fine bubbles, which is a natural phenomenon.
  • For direct water purifiers, symptoms disappear when the inside of the filter is filled with water.
  • For cold water purifiers, bubbles disappear while water is stored in the reservoir.