Direct Water Purifier

Direct Water Purifier

Always, Pure Water but No Electricity!!!


Through the nano-fact filter, you can always drink clean water by completely filtering out heavy metals as well as even norovirus.

elegant design


Select a color that complements your kitchen.



3 Stage, All-In-One


A slim-sized water purifier that can be installed anywhere above and below the sink. Luxurious metal glass panels create a stylish look.


High premium filter with rich flow rate and powerful purifying performance removes general impurities, Bacteria as well as Norovirus infection causing food poisoning.

No Need Electricity

It is a water purifier that does not require electric power.

Fast & Easy Installation

It is easy and fast to install with a cartridge-type filter configuration.

Easy Filter Replacement

The filter is easy to attach and detach, so anyone can replace it.

Product Information


Water Purifying System

Nano Membrane System

Product Size (mm)

WPU-3205 : 360(W)x115(D)x325(H)
WPU-3203 : 323(W)x194(D)x420(H)
SMF-100 : 90(W)x90(D)x330(H)

Product Weight

WPU-3203/3205 : 4.5kg

Purifying Capacity

1.5 liter/m


No need power

Required Water Pressure

14.2 ~ 71 psi


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& Answer

A few things clients normally ask us about Direct Water Purifier.

Is the WPU-3205 finished product?
  • It is a finished product equipped with filters and fittings inside the water purifier.
  • Filter flushing must be done separately during installation.
Is the water obtained through this WPU-3205 water purifier safe to drink?
  • Yes, there is no problem with drinking water obtained through the WPU-3205 water purifier.
  • However, considering the water quality supplied, there is a problem with filters needing to be replaced more often than recommended for hygiene and safety.
  • To solve this problem, we recommend installing the PVDF water purifier together.
Can I have hot and cold water?
  • It is a direct water purifier that does not provide cold and hot water.
What is the length of the faucet?
  • Height : 105mm
  • Length : 205mm
Is it possible to install it alone?
  • Installation is simple as long as you attach the adapter and flush the filter.